Integrated AC / DC Power Solution

The integrated AC / DC power system is a combination of DC operation power, AC UPS, and DC power supply for communication. It shares the battery pack and monitoring device of the DC operation power to realize a complete system for centralized power supplying and unified monitoring. Through network communication, design optimization, system linkage and other methods, the goal is to achieve power security and network intelligence.

Application Areas

Electric Power System, Rail Transportation, Metallurgy, Petrochemical, etc.

Performance Features

  • Unified Centralized Power: The integrated power is system optimized to realize the centralized integration to supply power to the electric power control system of the whole station, which meets turnkey project.

  • Unified Monitoring and Management: The integrated power provides a complete AC & DC monitoring and management scheme through centralized monitoring devices to realize full parameter monitoring and management of the substation.

  • Unified Maintenance: The integrated power establishes a professional maintenance team through the integrated maintenance work interface, which greatly reduces the failure rate and maintenance & management costs.

  • Reduce repetitive automatic switching and measurement units, ensure accurate measurement and reliable switching by using of ATS device.

  • The necessary power distribution circuit has remote control, and the station power system realizes full parameter monitoring, and then realizes online status detection.

  • Sharing Battery packs of DC operation power, battery packs and charging units for traditional UPS and communication power are eliminated, reducing maintenance labor.

  • Optimized configuration of lightning protection units, optimized design and EMI treatment for UPS and DC/DC input, to meet EMC requirements.

  • Shared monitoring unit, using Modbus, IEC61850 (optional) to exchange information uniformly with the station control layer to realize the transparent management of all parameters of the AC & DC control power. Establish an expert intelligent management system to reduce human operations and improve operational   reliability.

Technical  Parameters

The integrated AC and DC power supply solution is not a simple mixing of various power supply systems. Its main technical characteristics are shown in:

Solution diagram of integrated AC and DC power supply solution

  • Network Intelligent Design: Unified monitoring of UPS, DC power supply, emergency lighting power supply, and communication power supply through integrated monitors, establish a unified information sharing platform, and realize network intelligence.

  • Design Optimization.

  • A. Cancel the AC automatic switching circuit of UPS.

  • B. Cancel the AC double-way automatic switching circuit of the DC system.

  • C. Cancel the charging part of the original AC emergency lighting.

  • D. Unified lightning protection configuration.

  • Safe and Intelligent Design for AC Power.

  • A. Use ATS automatic conversion switch for incoming line to realize electrical and mechanical double lock.

  • B. Centralized monitoring and realization of "four remote" functions, etc.

  • C. Unified optimization design for lightning protection.

  • Optimize Battery Configuration.

  • A. Cancel the battery used by UPS.

  • B. Cancel the communication battery pack and charging equipment, and use the DC/DC converter to directly connect to the DC bus instead.

  • C. Cancel the original emergency lighting battery and rectifier.

  • System Linkage: According to the AC incoming line operation mode, adjust the DC operation mode automatically and achieve the best operation way.

  • Secondary Distribution Management: Unified intelligent management for secondary distribution, such as lighting, fan, air conditioning, water pump, entrance guard etc.