Modular Electric Power UPS Solution

The IPM Series Modular Electric Power UPS is a new generation of modular and parallel redundant UPS that not only meets the highest available level of operation, but also provides users with a flexible, on-demand power supply system.

In response to the evolving demand for AC power in today's electric power industry, our IPM series UPS is a electric power-specific, parallel redundant, modular and highly reliable product. With the modular installation way, the IPM series UPS can be enormously reduce the difficulty of system integration, and flexibly configured for three in / three out, single in / three out, three in / single out, single in / single out and other voltage systems; the DC side is compatible with 110VDC and 220VDC voltage levels.

Single UPS module power options: 1KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA, 5KVA, 6KVA, 7.5KVA, 10KVA, the system supports a maximum of 24 parallel, power level range: 1KVA ~ 240KVA, to provide users in the power industry with highly reliable AC uninterruptible power supply solutions.


Classic Combination Solution 1

  • Applications: Control rooms or critical loads in power plant, substation, grid transmission, rail transportation, airport, petrochemical etc. 

  • Solution:N+X modular UPS single-phase output configuration

  • Solution Features:

Each UPS has an independent and complete AC uninterrupted power supply function, as shown below.

System output will not be affected in accident of any single module failure, system reliability increased a lot. The UPS DC input can be taken from the DC system, thus integrating the UPS and DC system into a unified power device, avoiding additional batteries, reducing maintenance labor and improving the reliability of the system.

Classic Combination Solution 2

  • Applications: Emergency lighting in power plant, rail transportation, petrochemical, mining etc., fan, water pump, and other three-phase load applications.

  • Solution: N+X modular electric power inverter three-phase output configuration

  • Solution Features:

Each phase in the three-phase inverter is independently decoupled and can carry 100% unbalanced load. The user can distribute the load at will according to the site conditions, without forcing the load capacity to be evenly divided. The flexibility of power distribution is greatly improved. Due to the modular design, system maintenance is simple and convenient, and maintenance labor is significantly reduced.